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How Courses Work


Mike McFadyean is based in Durban and does most of his training in this area; however, by special arrangement, he does conduct training in the Southern African region and beyond. MIKE ALSO OFFERS FULLY ONLINE (NON-CONTACT) TUITION OR A MIX OF ONLINE AND CONTACT AS PER YOUR REQUEST.


Course lessons can be facilitated “one-on-one”, i.e. individual tuition, or to groups. Fully online (non-contact, on-site, or a hybrid of online and contact.)


Once you have made contact with Mike, suitable dates and times will be discussed.


Duration of training varies depending on the course material and the learner/s. It is recommended that learners keep bookings to 2 hour sessions maximum. An estimate of total duration to completion can be discussed on a case-by-case basis, but what is more important is that the course material is covered, not how long it takes. Mike will fit in with your requirements.

Course Costs

Mikes hourly rate is R500.00 for a single learner (one-on-one tuition). For 2-5 learners, the individual rate drops to R400.00 per hour per learner. And for 6-10 learners the individual rate drops to R350.00 per hour per learner.

So for example, a typical course like Photoshop might take a total of 10 hours to complete, so the breakdown would be as follows:

  • Single one-on-one: R5000.00
  • 2-5 Learners: R4000.00
  • 6-10 learners: R3500.00

NOTE: Special training requests will have to be quoted for on a case-by-case basis. The above information is merely to give you are rough idea of costs.


Payment can be made for the full course in advance, or on a per lesson basis. EFT or cash.

No training will take place before payment for that specific lesson is received.


Learners will receive a Certificate of Completion once the trainer has completed the training and is satisfied that the learner has aquired an acceptable level of competence.

NOTE: Certificates of Completion are in no way official recognised qualifications.


For contact tuition, Mike can come to your home or office and conduct on-site training.

Online tuition is delivered using Zoom software.

It is recommended that learners have access to their own computers and software for training purposes.

Note that if Mike has to travel beyond the Durban City Limits, an additional nominal per lesson amount will be levied for travel costs (depending on distance). Generally, this means further than the Prospecton, Pinetown and La Lucia radius from the Durban CBD.

Course Material

Learners will receive notes (in PDF format) that cover the information and exercises done in lessons.

Supplementary reading, tutorials and other material will be supplied.


During and after the course, learners can continue to communicate with Mike via email and WhatsApp regarding ad hoc help, queries and general relevant assistance. Note that this is not an unlimited service.

Ad Hoc Sessions

Sometimes you may not need to sign-up for a full course. You may already know an application, but may require a brush-up or an update or to cover items in more detail and skip the beginner stuff. You may even have a few specific questions that you want answered. In cases like this, Mike offers "Ad Hoc Question & Answer sessions" where you can book for a 2 hour contact session and cover specifically what you want to cover.

It is important to note that Ad Hoc sessions do not come with any prepared course notes, and the minimum booking is a 2 hour session. As much as possible is covered in this time based on the "wish-list" that the learner has provided Mike in advance; however, there is no guarantee that ALL the questions and material will be covered in 2 hours. Normally a learner will book one session, email Mike a list of items to cover and then if necessary further sessions will be booked.

A 2 hour Ad Hoc session costs R1000.00. To be paid in advance of the session.

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